3 split-second promises Durango honors the moment you make a move

Breaking into the biz of selling products or services? Well, you know what that means: You better deliver on its vow(s) to the very ones it’s targeting.

If not, quickly kiss your business goodbye.

The reason brands like Chick-fil-A, Apple and Walmart pull in the people and boost loyalty status: the brand promise. It’s the experience or value your audiences, followers and customers can expect each time they come in contact with your business. The more your brand demonstrates its promise, the more its worth resonates internally and externally.

So when you pledge to protect my hard-working feet with lightweight, stylish and comfortable footwear, I expect feathery results — every single time.

I mean it: Every. Single. Time. Durango said it would. And it does. In fact, Durango has lived up to developing outlaw fun footwear and delivering on the following promises for more than 50 years now (and for the past three decades for me personally):


I own everything from Durango’s traditional to saddle to work boots. No matter the pair I’m parading for the day, it’s a gravity-defying experience with each step. Durango accomplishes this feeling a few ways, which keeps me coming back for more:

  • cleverly constructed ultra-lite boots (25 percent lighter than the average Western boot);
  • mesh lining that ensures breathable, around-the-clock cushiness;
  • cushion flex insole — some boots are even designed with contoured removable ones — that creates a cloud-walking effect; and
  • flexible molded ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole that provides firm support for extended periods of standing and walking. It’s EVA footbed also reduces stress to your feet and creates more elasticity for easier ankle movement.



Durango Boots stay in vogue annually. It’s truly a boot that fits your lifestyle both in and out of season. Designs like its fringe, distressed leather and slouch say high-end fashion for city-slickers on the social scene. While classic looks such as the shortie, heartbreaker and steel-toe still hold ranchers and farmers down in countryside situations. Beyond the urban and rural style options, all selections are constructed to feel of ease. From the color schemes, toughest leathers and modern motifs, the brand’s traditional to unconventional footwear effortlessly adapt to your lifestyle and surroundings.



All-day coziness and durability is achieved through the Durango Suspension System. This four-component framework includes a shank, two-layer innersole, shock absorbing EVA midsole (as mentioned earlier), high-abrasion rubber outsole with a rocker heel and rolled shank area. Together, this system creates a sock-certified foot design. One that’s soft, stable, flexible and long-lasting in arch support.

So if you’re a first-time wearer to the brand, remember these promises. And don’t forget this Durango saying as you’re prepping to strut your stuff: “It’s not a boot. It’s an attitude.”


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