The Georgia park for Wild West writers, wanderers of the Great Outdoors

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Outdoor adventurers and wanderers of the Peach State have a paramount playground at Georgia’s largest state park. F.D. Roosevelt Park in Pine Mountain is 9,049 acres of meandering trails, miniature waterfalls and majestic mountain ranges that stretch until the sky meets the treetops.

“We are a one-stop discovery,” said Jarrod Simpson, park assistant manager. “There is something at this park for everyone.” Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt — a.k.a. FDR and the United States’ 32nd commander-in-chief — regularly visited the Harris County area both before and during his time in office.

Dowdell’s Knob | Photo courtesy of Georgia Department of Natural Resources

“He frequented the Little White House Historic Site in nearby Warm Springs, Georgia, and had a personal involvement in the creation of the park,” Simpson said. “Some of his personally owned property is now part of the park.”

For open-air explorers who crave nature with a Deep South narrative, these five park features are tempting reasons to organize a springtime outing at the park:

Roosevelt Riding Stables: Experience the park by way of horseback along the stables’ 42-mile riding trails. The stables feature more than 25 horses on rotation but welcome bring-your-own-horse riding as well. “Visitors can saddle up and gallop alongside spring-fed creeks, follow an old wagon trail historically used by valley hunters and trappers, or climb up the mountainside to the Lake Franklin Overlook,” said Simpson. “They can also catch stunning views of Pine Mountain Valley.”

The Liberty Bell Pool: Opening in 1941, this aquatic attraction and regional iconic symbol of American independence draws large crowds to start their summer fun. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) constructed the pool in 1938 to resemble the Liberty Bell. “At 533,000 gallons, the pool is nearly the same volume of an Olympic-sized swimming pool and is the largest spring-fed swimming pool in the state,” Simpson said. “From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, the pool is a great place to soak up the rays then cool off Wednesday through Sunday. Special rates apply for veterans, on weekdays and to groups.”

FDR Cabin | Photo courtesy of Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Cascade Falls and the Wolfden: These are two of the most-visited sites of the park. Cascade Falls contains a series of scenic waterfalls surrounded by lush forest. At the top of the falls are the Wolfden, a cliff and small cave overlooking it. “Hikers will embark on a 2-mile trek to Cascade Falls, crossing water 13 times using stepping stones and bridges while passing through lovely native plants and trees,” said Simpson. “Hikers are allowed to wade in the pool of the falls but are warned to take caution as the area is slippery and rocks are at the bottom of the pool.”

Dowdell’s Knob: It’s the highest point in all of Harris County at approximately 1,400 feet above sea level. In fact, the towering overlook was a favorite retreat of FDR. “Dowdell’s Knob naturally offers spectacular panoramic views of the region,” Simpson said. “Guests can sit alongside a life-sized bronze statue of former President F.D. Roosevelt, which was erected in 2007, to commemorate the 62nd anniversary of his death. He would often entertain his closest friends and family here.”

The Pine Mountain Trail: F.D. Roosevelt State Park is home to one of the largest trail systems of the Southeast, the Pine Mountain Trail. Offering 23 miles of trail and seven loops, it caters to casual to serious hikers and backpackers. “Anyone interested in hiking on the PMT is heavily encouraged to first visit the park office to purchase a trail map and speak with park staff to identify trails best suited to their ability,” said Simpson. “For those who like to plan their trips ahead of time, visit to learn about this premier trail system to the public.”

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Roosevelt’s Little White House | Photo courtesy of Georgia Department of Natural Resources

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