Gravity-defying boots for contemporary cowgirls

By Cowgirl Candace | Image by Suhyoon Cho

Walking. On. Sunshine. That’s the way I farm girl feel when I’m working or wandering the land in my Belted Collar Western Boots by Durango. As part of the brand’s Crush collection, these barnyard babies are like house slippers to my Southern piggies. Their gliding-on-air effect is attributed to these well-designed features to this particular cowhand footwear:

SNIP TOE: A hybrid between the round and wide square toe, the snip toe offers a snazzy edge to the toe box section of the boot. WHY IT ELEVATES WEAR TIME: This boot attribute opens up your outfit options from casual jeans and T-shirts to lavish, ruffled skirts and modern-day office suits.

FULL-GRAIN LEATHER: Considered the best quality leather, full-grain hide boots like these yield a more natural appearance since they haven’t been snuffed, buffed or sanded, preserving its original texture. WHY IT ELEVATES WEAR TIME: This boot attribute means durability, breathability and fiber strength with every wear, every time.

RUBBER OUTSOLE: The bottom of the boot deserves paramount attention to detail. After all, it makes direct contact with sundry terrain. And let me reassure you: Durango doesn’t disappoint. WHY IT ELEVATES WEAR TIME: This boot attribute provides ample traction and includes laser-etching detail, which means the rubber outsole can resist harsh environments with ease.

Special effects with creative Dan Wood and photog Suhyoon Wood.

CUSHION FLEX INSOLE: Ensuring your feet have a comfy foundation for hours during land labor or outdoor adventures depends heavily on the best insole and arch support. These boots’ Cushion Flex insole absolutely guarantee a secure, roomy fit. WHY IT ELEVATES WEAR TIME: This boot attribute is literally a “foot bed” for your tootsies. No joke: As soon as you slide the boot on, the Cushion Flex provides instant comfort, the right amount of warmth and a bit of buoyancy inside the boot.

TEMPERED STEEL SHANK: Experience added arch support and a stable foundation from these Durango boots’ shank (a flat, flexible piece of material made from either steel, plastic or fiber combinations located between the insole and outsole). WHY IT ELEVATES WEAR TIME: This boot attribute delivers on sturdiness. Your boots remain in good condition longer, reduce injury from razor-edged objects and help balance feet overall.

MESH LINING: This pillowy-like lining gives lightweight insulation from the foot to the calf for as long as you’re donning them. WHY IT ELEVATES WEAR TIME: This boot attribute draws moisture away from the skin, which works wonders in Georgia’s humid summer weather for Cowgirl Candace. The breathable mesh fabric then amplifies airflow and keeps uncomfortable friction to the skin at bay.

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