5 brand profits to sharing braggadocious data

Organized chaos is what I call it. Infographics are trendy visual designs that tell your brand’s story using a hodgepodge of fun facts and figures. As a digital content creator, Cowgirl Candace researches and writes bloggable angles for infographic copy all the time.

The goal: Give readers new insights or perspectives about you and/or your business. I recently collaborated with one of my go-to Southern designers, Sally Morgan of MidMedia, to share just how impactful infographics are to build brand awareness.

Look up! I bet you mavericks didn’t even know the above trivia concerning your favorite farm girl, which are pivotal editorial highlights and quirky personal details. The point is to educate readers and potential partners/clients about my lifestyle and profession with the intent of turning this visual design into conversational, collaborative and lucrative opportunities.

So whether you’re the city’s star-studded barber, county’s teacher of the year or state’s top marketing firm, here’s why dishing about your awesomeness by way of infographics serves as clever content to reach target audiences:

They’re irresistible to read. If you want to grab prospective partners’, sponsors’ or employers’ attention, developing show-and-tell infographics is your best bet. In order to accomplish this task, you need a dynamic, modern designer (like Sally) and punchy copywriter (like Cowgirl Candace) to create text and graphics that naturally speak to your audience and draws them into your brand messaging. Done right, infographics should instantly pull target audiences into your storytelling picture. Go for an engaging yet easy-on-the-eyes format so readers want to continue scanning it.

They’re easy to digest. We now live in a hurry-the-heck-up world. People value their time more than ever. They just want the meat and potatoes, but a little razzle dazzle, sprinkles and fairy dust within those details never hurt. Infographics brilliantly cram a lot of information we’re used to receiving in long-form content within a Southern snap! Again, if you have experts piecing your infographic story together using brief copy, graphics, numbers and symbols, readers will likely remember particulars that may spark them to contact you.

They’re smart tactics to gain new traffic. News flash: A lot of folks on social media don’t even know you or your brand exist. I know. Gut punching. Well, that’s why infographics are so dope. With expert content creators on your team, you can garner more buzz and business by only — and I stress “only” — churning our top-notch marketing content. Content that is clear, concise and captivating. Well-designed infographics can help put more eyes on your site, photos, videos or social media, increasing online (and foot traffic if applicable) to your brand.

They’re leverage to connect with global brands, influencers. From digital to print infographics, sending short, sweet and stylish ones to companies and individual heavy weights that align with your brand can help you cross over to larger, more affluent markets. Sometimes it’s as simple as emailing a professional message to brands and attaching a data-driven infographic that explains why your brand connects to their mission. Yeah, that easy. You will become amazed how sharing infographics via hand or electronically can jumpstart meaningful conversations with those who can extend your brand’s reach.

They’re new approaches to repurposing old news. Think about it: Major brands like McDonald’s, Nike and Chick-fil-A, never really change their brand messaging. We’re still “just doing it” and “lovin’ it.” So stop believing you have to reinvent the wheel to what your brand is about every day, month or year. Stick to your core. Infographics help you do that by simply repurposing what you already stand for but with a fresh design twist. My pictured infographic is nothing new to my farm girl lifestyle or editorial career. I’ve just presented the information in a changed format that forces you to read even if you already knew Cowgirl Candace. So remember: You want to remain the same — but different. 😉






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An award-winning feature writer, internationally published brand blogger and digital content creator. The fourth-generation cowgirl and veteran journalist pioneered digital platform Southern Styles & Steeds to share sincere stories from her agricultural upbringing.

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