3 Georgia excursions to travel test Durango’s new boat mocs

Durango Boots launched its colorful collection of 2018 Music City boat mocs, and, well, they country Western work.

They’re not just darling to don but practical for hardcore outdoor adventures. Simply put: Durango has literally taken Cowgirl Candace “from the barn to the beach” with this new Southern-inspired style. By the way, the collection comes in turquoise, plum, red and brown for my cowgirls who need hue options.

To truly determine if my turquoise cuties could follow in the footsteps of the brand’s signature, durable boots, I hit the countryside for open-air testing of toughness:

Arabia Mountain | Lithonia, Georgia 

Course: Climbed the granite monadnok, which is 955 feet above sea level. To make it to the mountain’s peak, my mocs had to twist and turn through pools of plant-based water known as solution pits and pound the swirly-patterned rock for what ended up becoming a 20-minute scenic hike.

Results: The mocs’ microfiber cushioned footbed provided sufficient support to tackle the unforgiving mountain floor. Hops, skips and jumps over marshy-like areas were a piece of country cake because the mocs’ rubber sidewall and outsole gripped the ground before any landing became too awkward.

Tybee Island | Tybee Island, Georgia 

Course: Strolled the island’s pier and pavilion and engaged in a little beachfront fun. My promenade began on the wooden structure and ended with Southern sand in my shoes.

Results: The mocs proved their full-grain leather upper could easily manage in messy conditions. Despite kicking up seashells, stones and sand, a few bottom beats of the shoe soles quickly restored them to their original beachside brilliance.

F.D. Roosevelt Park | Pine Mountain, Georgia 

Course: Hiked the Wolfden Loop of the state park’s Pine Mountain Trail — one of the largest trail systems of the Southeast. The 6.7-mile loop required treading golden grasslands, stomping through verdant forests and zigzagging between shallow creek crossings.

Results: With every terrain change, the mocs never wavered into a state of discomfort. An A+ in the cozy department, its canvas lining allowed my tootsies to breath and remain pillowy protected during the entire trek.


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