3 brilliant excuses to travel the outskirts of St. Lucia by horseback

By Cowgirl Candace | Images by Kevin Dantes

Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, offers an aged ambience that mimics my Deep South home state of Georgia. Tin roofed farm homes, vast countryside and crystal-clear coastlines flawlessly marry and develop into breezy horseback riding trails throughout the island’s second largest city.

Atlantic Shores Riding Stables — the only stable in St. Lucia that provides more than 450 acres of beaches, fields, mountains and banana plantations — serves as the ultimate outdoor adventure in Vieux Fort to scout and appreciate tucked away land via horseback.

Partners and horse enthusiasts Wayne, Max, Melville and Rhon opened up the stables nearly 15 years ago. Today, their venture boards more than 50 horses freely roaming hillsides and shorelines.

“You can’t get these types of trail rides anywhere else,” said Wayne, an avid horse rider and my husband’s and my tour guide summer 2018. “We have so many family-friendly to romantic horse trails to ride. We take guests to places on this island rarely seen or heard of.”

Cantering up rocky terrain then walking toward waterfront outlooks by horse is the perfect introduction to this destination’s Southern beauty, too. Here’s why you must experience Atlantic Shores the next time you visit St. Lucia:

SECLUDED ROUTES. You’re able to escape for up to 3 hours into open plains and alongside seashores seldom traveled. In fact, the average St. Lucian hasn’t explored these horse trails — let alone knows more tropical views exist. Each riding route instantly become jaw-dropping gateways to navigable pastures and the Atlantic Ocean.

SEASONED STEEDS/STAFF. You’re in a safe environment to have leisurely fun. Beginner riders have nothing to fear. Atlantic Shores ensures all riders (even veterans like myself) are comfortable and prepared to ride properly. The stables’ Creole mix horses are so well-trained you barely have to direct them. These docile creatures actually know the various pathways to get you straight to the best coastal views.

PRICELESS PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY. You’re guaranteed to capture landscape imagery most tourists won’t have. The stables are an ideal location for weddings, anniversaries and high-end fashion shoots primarily due to its wide selection of wave-crashing backdrops. Fun farm girl fact: Reality TV show “The Bachelor” was shot at the stables and many A-list celebrities have saddled up there as well since the vistas are just that opulent.

BOOK YOUR RIDE NOW: 758-285-1090 | atlanticshores758@gmail.com

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