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Four words when HBO’s original Western sci-fi series comes on: Shut the hell up. Cause “Westworld” is something serious to this Southern sista.

It’s one of my top shows to tune into during the holiday season. Why? Well, the show brilliantly re-introduces blacks into Western frontier settings — and most importantly — as centerpieces to the storyline.

Clouding judgment between humankind and human intelligence, the thrilling series follows filthy rich people who pay big bucks to enter an android-operating amusement park of Wild West adventures.

My favorite main character is Maeve, played by the uber-talented Thandie Newton. Maeve is a sophisticated saloon escort. She’s grappling with her robotic reality, trying to figure out her existence and also how to escape the park.

If you’re a HBO NOW subscriber like Cowgirl Candace, you can watch and re-watch the show throughout the holidays as well.

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