Why This Look

Unzipped Rock Star Status

Can Cowgirl Candace get brutally honest with my mavericks for a second? I surely appreciate it.

My vintage collection of high-waist jeans is sometimes hit or miss. Basically, my shape will turn on me, and I’m not able to wear anything right (*teardrop). Before my summer shoot went down, these Lee denim darlings were fitting my fineness, but by the time I got on set (and too many barbecue wings later), my breeches didn’t want to come up my hips or backside.

So, what’s a farm girl to do? Improvise sweet pea. Improvise. That’s right: I left them right where they wouldn’t budge, and rocked my hot pink and metallic gold-drawn swimsuit outlined in mesh like money honey. This I-don’t-give-a-fudge ’fit instantly transformed my funky fashion into a more leisurely ensemble as I catwalked along the beach block.


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