The Wild West Duster

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The duster became a signature piece to the cowhand’s wardrobe. The long, loose-fitting coat was once used as part of the uniform for Texas Rangers and primarily functioned as a protective piece from trail dust and rain. Made of oilcloth or waxed cotton, the garment usually featured a slit down the middle of the back for easier maneuvering via horseback. Reasons it still reigns supreme in rural fashion:

  • It accentuates the positive. The fitted upper part of this black Forever 21 overcoat helps define my shape;
  • It allows for unlimited accessorizing. Because this pictured duster is designed with thick belt loops, leather or rhinestone sashes are the perfect embellishments to next level the look; and
  • It serves multiple purposes. Wear it as down-and-dirty outerwear or a foxy dress for special winter occasions. Traditional cowgirl boots can play it down while heels can play it up in a country Western snap.
Cowgirl Candace

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