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The Boot Breakdown

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Knowing what goes into the craftsmanship of your Western boots makes you appreciate them more. The following components work together to fashion reliable, fit and functional boots like my Durango Dream Catcher Americana ones:

  • Toe Box: It’s the front part of your boot and responsible for keeping toes protected comfortably;
  • Ball: It’s the widest part of the boot. The ball of your foot should fit in between the widest part of boots;
  • Instep: It holds the boot securely to the foot. It’s the instep that determines whether or not the boot fits properly;
  • Heel: It’s the back part of the boot. The average cowboy boot heel is just under 2 inches in height.
  • Shaft: It’s the part that extends up the calf. The most versatile part of boots, the shaft allows designers to make intricate sewing and coloring details to the footwear; and
  • Pull Tabs: On each side of the shaft, these tabs offer support to pull boots up easier.


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