Riding Stirrups: Horseback No-Nos

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First-time riders: It’s natural to feel the adrenaline rush of excitement and fear before that initial horseback riding experience. Ease into the saddle/stirrups, and prevent any mishaps by avoiding these horseback no-nos:

  • Don’t wear formal/unconventional footwear. It’s horseback riding, so stick to equestrian boots if you’re riding English and Western boots if you’re riding Western. You want to secure your feet comfortably and in the stirrups for the ride ahead.
  • Don’t jam your feet in the stirrups. It’s awkward. You will feel it, too. Check with your horse guide to make sure stirrups are the right length. Then put the widest part of your foot on the stirrups.
  • Don’t tippy toe in the stirrups. Keep your heels down. Attempting to ride by standing too tall in the saddle will get you off rhythm with the horse, causing an unbalanced ride and agitated steed.
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