Pinup Puncher Hairstyles

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I appreciate texture and have an affinity for Old Hollywood glamour. Oftentimes, I incorporate classic pinup hairstyles into my contemporary cowgirl fashion just to relive the look. For my Durango darling days, I pulled back to the 1920s through ’40s when pompadours, pin curls and loose waves were hairdo showstoppers. My curlicue coif complements my vintage-meets-modish maverick outfit, new favorite Dream Catcher Americana boots and custom-made enlightened longhorn necklaces from Soulfully Adorned equine exquisitely.

Cowgirl Candace’s Easy Pinup Hairstyling Steps:

Step 1: Perm rod tresses (either the front section or all the hair) using mousse.

Step 2: Air dry, blow dry or sit under a dryer for curls to form. Note: Air drying takes longer so remain mindful of timely events you plan to wear the hairstyle to. I let my hair air dry for at least a day with rollers since I have dreadlocks.

Step 3: Take out rollers and use fingers to create volume and va-va-voom. Next, style the front half by creating a pompadour or twisty thang (like I did in this pic) and secure it with bobby pins to mimic vintage pinup cowgirls of wayback when. Ta-da!



Cowgirl Candace

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