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Southern Styles & Steeds | Cowgirl Candace

Percherons are majestic — and beyond massive, reaching 19 hands high and weighing up to 2,250 pounds. Whoa, Nelly! I kid you not: I had to mount my horse model Dewy from a platform at Roosevelt Riding Stables.

A breed of draft horse, percheron horses originated in Western France and were originally bred as war horses. Collectively these horses are highly intelligent and demonstrate coordination and strength. Dewy, on the other hand, sticks with his cute, coy temperament and welcomes eatin’ time every time. He’s such a Southern sweetheart for sure.

Popular Career Fields for Percherons:

  • Dressage;
  • Work;
  • General riding;
  • Jumping;
  • Racing; and
  • Endurance.


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