November Letter from the Editor: Horses & Happy Birthdays

2 months ago Editor's Note0

Well, happy birthday to meeeeeee! That’s right: Cowgirl Candace is a Scorpio — strong willed, charismatic and forever mysterious to the core. It’s also the birth month of my Caribbean cowboy/husband and cowboy hero: Daddy.

On the softer side, November is when my great-grandma, GG, left her Southern belle legacy almost a decade ago, which her great-grandchildren (like yours truly) continue to share and sustain through lovin’ the land.

So as you mavericks can see, Cowgirl Candace has a lot of celebrating to do for sure. And what better way to hoedown in my rural hayfields than with the docile creatures I adore the most? Horses.

Collaborating with edgy, professional photographer Suhyoon Cho monthlong, I’m joined by a few Southern steeds from Roosevelt Riding Stables to get this Down South party started. Like always, I’m tippin’ you about the best places, people and country Western garbs to carouse at, with and in as the year winds down.

— Ride on!


Cowgirl Candace

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