Why This Look

New Year, New Growth

Can Cowgirl Candace get a lil bit lazy about her locs? Absolutely. I might let my new growth (that luscious natural hair growing from my scalp) build up for months — and still look farm-girl fabulous.

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t wash my hair. I actually clean these babies about every two weeks. The longer I wait to relock my hair, though, the thicker these roots get, which is an awesome thing.

Why you ask? The more new growth, the more hair I have to gather and retwist with my new favorite products by Dr. Locs. By the way: Stay tuned for a future hayfield hair post reviewing this vegan product line as well.

Any who, strong roots mean even tougher locs that will hold and continue to grow healthy and long. Plus, I’m a big-hair-kind-of gal, so my new growth works out.

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