Innovative DIYs to repurpose boots

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Cowgirl Candace rules in repurposing pretty much my entire life — clothes, leftovers and even creative content. As a professional writer, editor and marketer for more than a decade now, I’ve learned to master the art of producing, updating and disseminating fixed messages into new formats to reach niche audiences.

The same goes for my country Western wardrobe. If I buy statement garments or accessories, you best believe I’m going to capitalize on the cowgirl cuteness beyond farm work. I rarely limit signature pieces like my Women’s Belted Collar Western Boots from Durango’s Crush collection to horseback riding or fence checking. Outside of land labor, I clean up and upcycle sustainable brands such as this one in the following ways:

As a kids’ chair for stuffed animals. After thoroughly cleaning the boots off, I simply stack them next to each other in an open corner of my daughter’s bedroom. Then, we sit whatever toy she prefers on top of the boots’ vamp for that day or week. Sometimes, she adds a few more toys to stick out of each boot’s shaft. This reuse of the boots gives her extra storage for her dolls and a manageable space to clean up and redesign at will.

As a flower pot for porch plants. If your boots aren’t quite worn out enough to fill with potting soil and live plants, substitute real ones with artificial flowers. This DIY project livens up your outdoor oasis with farm girl personality and can easily coincide with the seasons.

 As a door bin for knickknacks. Store barnyard and household items like umbrellas, magazines and gardening supplies in boots stationed near the front door for convenient grab-and-go chores or hobbies. The taller the boots, like these 14-inch-high ones, the more hold up you have for larger, heavier objects.

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