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Holiday Tips for Beauty Budgeters

The gift-grabbing clock is winding down, and you’re scrabbling to find those perfect fashion and beauty presents without breaking the bank.

Stop. Take a breath. Let’s regroup and rethink how you can win in snagging the best stylish gifts of the holiday season my Southern, saving-money way.

  • Scavenger hunt at local thrift and consignment stores. If you’re used to department store and mall shopping, try something new this year. Don’t count out small-town consignment and thrift stores like my favorite: Goodwill. OMG! I have a farm girl field day in Goodwill stories across Georgia, because a lot of times, the garments, gizmos and gadgets still have the original tags on them. Plus, the prices are dirt cheap. FYI: Most of my signature styles on Southern Styles & Steeds come from Goodwill.
  • Recycle beauty products, new garments you’ve never used or worn. I don’t know about you, but my Southern biological sistas love when I give them anything from my fashionably cluttered closet or vanity set. Whenever my female family members and friends visit, they always compliment me on my fashion and beauty stash. This experience gives me a better idea of what they like. Then, bam! I surprise them with their favorites during the holidays. They’re super excited — whether the product or garment was new from my wardrobe or not.
  • Create original beauty-inspired artwork for loved ones. No, I’m not a painter or illustrator by far. But we all have childhood photos and memorabilia around the house that we can frame or box up with glitter, lipstick kisses, sequin and rhinestones. A beauty-designed piece of artwork made from love and effort goes a long way during the holiday season. Trust me: It’s the thought that counts, and a pinch of Southern charm always goes a long way.

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