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Goats & Soaps

Ever used goat soap?

Me neither, but goat’s milk soap is said to do a body good (Ba-Boom-Boom-Tish!). Lol.

Just so happens, my country Western vests photo shoot took place at The Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta, and this month’s maverick, Cowgirl Doreen, brought natural soaps she sells at her studio, easylochairtool.com, as well.

Our goat soap gossip piqued my curiosity, and I found these fun farm facts via Natural News, the world’s top news source on natural health, about why to use this washing winner:

  • No harsh chemical acids;
  • Reduces skin inflammation and moisturizes/soothes dry skin;
  • Packed with essential vitamin, nutrients;
  • Defends against aging; and
  • Treats skin conditions and acne.

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