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Goat Farm Arts Center | Southern Styles & Steeds

The simplest way to describe this Southern site: It’s like granny got a modish living room makeover inside her country crib, and Cowgirl Candace is coming over for a new take on tea time. The Goat Farm Arts Center is a weathered 19th-century factory that has resurfaced into one of Atlanta’s eclectic epicenters for artsy folk to flourish. The center represents more than a quarter of a million square feet of gutted space repurposed into a creative industrial complex in Atlanta’s West Midtown.

It also became my temporary backwoods-worthy backdrop for this month’s country Western vests edition. The rural-meets-ritzy hybrid habitat is home to new media, contemporary dance, architecture and design to theater, engineering, fashion, music, film, animation and culinary arts. Add the random fenced-in goats, donkey and literally chicken roaming the area, and the venue is the type of country craziness Cowgirl Candace craves.

1200 Foster St.

Atlanta, Georgia, 30318

Instagram: @thegoatfarm

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