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No, Cowgirl Candace isn’t a talented musician, but strumming a guitar after every punch line along the shoreline goes over brilliantly with the people. One thing about me: I own up to my super-wild imagination and sarcastic humor. This month I wanted to fulfill a personal goal of beach bummin’ in Tybee while pretending to entertain folks with my amateur, guitar-playin’ skills. And it worked. Beach dwellers loved my look and random, witty behavior. Now when I’m not exercising my comedic abilities, I do wear other legit — and sometimes lucrative — creative roles worth exploring for my fashionable adventurers:

  • Product Reviewing: Throughout my decade-plus career, I’ve tested so many random products — jewelry, boots, shampoos, dog leashes and Coast Guard-approved personal floatation devices — for national brands and publications. You name it, Cowgirl Candace has reviewed it for pay, and oftentimes, for keeps. So, if you’re a quick-witted writer, find products and services you dig, and start contributing for professional perks;
  • Brand Campaigning: Serving as an ambassador for brands I’m truly passionate about is one of the coolest gigs I do on the daily. Developing engaging content around images, videos and illustrations to help sell ideas/products I believe in is so Southern belle boss. It builds meaningful industry relationships, which can turn into part-time and full-time magazine, marketing work; and
  • Beauty/Fashion Modeling: Because I’m the South’s bowlegged bombshell, my phone blows up with modeling jobs all the time. Not really. However, I do occasionally snag modeling work from national companies to starter businesses looking for original stories that relate to their audience. My luscious dreadlocks, beautiful light-brown eyes and original, stellar Southern style helps open up these positions across the globe, so do work distinguishing features about yourself into beauty career opportunities.










Cowgirl Candace

Candace, a.k.a. Cowgirl Candace, is an award-winning feature writer, internationally published brand blogger and wardrobe stylist.

The fourth-generation cowgirl and veteran journalist pioneered digital platform Southern Styles & Steeds — a country Western fashion, beauty and lifestyles blogazine — to share the sophisticated styles and sincere stories from her Down South upbringing.