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Edzerza Apparel

It’s ethnic, earthy and effortless outwear.

Edzerza Apparel marries Native American culture and contemporary art of multimedia artist and entrepreneur Alano Edzerza.

Based in West Vancouver, British Columbia, the Tahltan Nation talent creates wearable art pieces that incorporate the culture’s animal guides — from eagle tunics and military green grizzly tees to wolf-print tights. The innovative brand makes my Down South dope list of Native American forward fashion for sure.

Farm Fun Fact: With the recent wrap up of Rio’s 2016 Summer Olympics, it’s interesting to note that Edzerza solidified his reputation in the fashion industry when he received the opportunity to design outerwear for the Dutch Olympic team during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Photo courtesy of Edzerza Gallery | Photo by Thosh Collins

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