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I’ve been testing products since my first full-time magazine job at Boating World Magazine at age 22 — more than a decade ago.

From designer shades and wicked wakeboards to innovative portable floatation devices and fancy footwear, you name it. I’ve tested it.

That also goes for dreadlock-driven products. Any time I come across new locking lines, I give them a wash-and-go. My newest guinea pig product: Dr. Locs’ vegan-friendly, buildup-free line, which features the following five-set styling solutions:

  • Pre-Cleanse: Developed to pull up dandruff, this product delivers. I massaged the pre-cleanse into my scalp right before shampooing. I let it work itself in to get dirt and debris as well.
  • Yasin Shampoo: With the pre-cleanse still in, I applied the shampoo and gave my head a good two lathers cause that’s as much patience as Cowgirl Candace has. There’s no tingling feeling or anything, but I did see all the gunk in my hair wash down the sink, so that’s always a good sign. Lol. Then I towel-dried my tresses.
  • Jinan Leave-In Conditioner: Next, I spritzed the conditioner throughout my locs from roots to ends, which feels like any other conditioner. Note: Make sure to keep a towel around your neck since this step dampens hair.
  • Imani Locking Spray: Almost to the maintenance finish line, it’s now relocking time. Here’s where I spray a smidget of the product on each root before either palm rolling or interlocking my dreads — depending on if I’m in a rush or not for neatness sake. The spray actually preps new growth to hold better during retwisting.
  • Yaya Oil: So after the first four steps, I let my hair air-dry while I sleep throughout the night, but blow-drying is the quicker method. Once strands are completely dry, rub the oil into the scalp to restore and strengthen it. It’s a good habit to knead in this solution a few days throughout the week to stimulate and condition hair for growth.

At the end of the day, the line lives up to its hair care name.

Cowgirl Candace

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