Who Knew?

Clutch Commitment

No matter the special occasion — a church function, an anniversary or a family reunion — Southern belles like myself can’t travel without an antique purse or pouch for such affairs. I don’t know what it is, but my great-grandma and grandmas kept a closet full of country clutches on standby, and, of course, I’ve followed in their footsteps.

A derby darling simply can’t arrive to the races without this timeless statement piece as well. Why? Well, it’s useful, fashionable storage for lipstick, blot powder and cash while tootling along the racetrack.

Adding to my antique handbag collection, my pictured pale yellow, sequin-filled purse was gifted to me by Columbus makeup artist and friend Zac Love, who obviously has exquisite taste in vintage keepsakes from local antique store The Gypsy Cherub.


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