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Rural Recreational Robes

Out-and-about outfits don’t have to come off so humdrum. If attending a local festival or concert with friends is on your staycation agenda this year, wow with my always-fly-and-fabulous, go-to pieces:

  • Colorful crop tops: Show off a little skin without overdoing it. However, select ones that compliment your shape and afford breathing room for funnel cakes and corn dogs.
  • High-waist hot pants: Underscore your summer shape, creating an hourglass illusion. Make the most of this style by tucking in graphic tees or loose blouses.
  • Stacked wedge sandals: Give yourself a sense of fashionable stability while sightseeing, along with height and edge appeal. Couple this footwear with fitted tights or skinny jeans to elongate your figure.

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