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  • Firework Fingernails | Southern Styles & Steeds
    Fashion & Beauty Why This Look

    Firework Fingernails

    I’m ringin’ in the new year with Down South disco balls and shimmering digits. I coated my festive fingernails with Ginger + Liz Colour Collection’s Turn It Up (Bling Coat). This…

  • Why This Look

    New Year, New Growth

    Can Cowgirl Candace get a lil bit lazy about her locs? Absolutely. I might let my new growth (that luscious natural hair growing from my scalp) build up for months —…

  • Why This Look

    Western Wood Carvings

    Reindeer, rockin’ horse and rooster wood carvings have a special place on the family farm. These manipulated mantelpiece adornments are one of the oldest art types — literally coming from the…

  • History Why This Look

    Tummy Talk

    Horses are equipped with small stomachs. Yep! The average-sized 1,000-pound horse belly only has a capacity of 2 to 4 gallons, which limits the amount of feed a horse can digest…

  • Why This Look

    6 logics to quarter horse investing

    Designated North America’s most popular breed, the American quarter horse is favored for its versatility. These steeds work and play well, getting the job done in the labor sector to the…

  • Southern Cher | Southern Styles & Steeds
    Fashion & Beauty Why This Look

    Southern Cher

    I usually slick down my Southern locks using the part-down-the-middle approach. Channeling my inner Cher most days out the week, this mane move keeps my tresses out the face while allowing…

  • Fashion & Beauty Why This Look

    A Touch of Turquoise

    The color turquoise commands Native American jewelry, specifically in gemstones. Why? Because this popular hue is considered to encompass life-giving powers and a connection to Mother Earth. Dubbed the “fallen sky…

  • History Why This Look

    Country Cloaking in Caftan

    My Sultan-silky caftan is all the Southern craze on the farm and in these small-town streets. For one: Rural dwellers like ya girl Cowgirl Candace live for this look in loungewear…

  • Fashion & Beauty Why This Look

    Firecracker Color

    Plump up your lurid lips with iconic Blue Nectar lipsticks by MAC Cosmetics. My recommendation for July’s summer get-togethers: Barbeque, a matte orange red that complements this month in name and finishing look.…

  • Southern Styles & Steeds | Baywatch Belts
    Fashion & Beauty Why This Look

    Baywatch Belts

    Fasten Daisy Duke loops and swimwear cover-ups with embroidered and rhinestone Western belts. Why? To flatter your farm-girl figure, of course. Obviously, these basic bands keep your breeches up, but the…

  • Fashion & Beauty Why This Look

    Vibe Tribe

    Bonding to Mother Earth during my beach shoot allowed me to take full advantage of my new eye palette from MAC Cosmetics “Call of the Canyon/Vibe Tribe” collection. The collection includes four…

  • Fashion & Beauty Why This Look

    Cowgirl Crowning

    Sassy sombreros and hillbilly-worthy hats are now in Southern session. During April, I share some of my top cowgirl crowns — and I’m not foolin’ around — these head pieces are…