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  • Bands That Make Me Dance | Southern Styles & Steeds
    History Who Knew?

    Bands That Make Me Dance

    Anytime I come across cowboy boots with chains, tassels, spur straps or horse hair bands already attached, I go ballistic — in a good way. These ankle bands help modernize traditional…

  • History Who Knew?

    Lama Mama

    A legendary boot brand, indeed, Tony Lama remains a top choice in Cowgirl Candace’s family tree. But do you know the man behind this American cowhand shoemaking? No? Well, glad you asked. Lol. Born…

  • History Who Knew?

    Goats & Soaps

    Ever used goat soap? Me neither, but goat’s milk soap is said to do a body good (Ba-Boom-Boom-Tish!). Lol. Just so happens, my country Western vests photo shoot took place at…

  • Who Knew - Southern Styles & Steeds
    History Who Knew?

    Persian Pickles

    Persian pickles: The nickname for paisley shapes that resemble a curving kidney or teardrop. The well-used symbol mishmashed with floral and other types of monochromatic designs give vests (as pictured), bandanas,…

  • Souther Styles & Steeds | Shells Tale
    History Who Knew?

    The Shell’s Tale

    Indigenous people have been known for giving cultural value to clam shell beads, traditionally known as wampum. Wampum means “white shell beads,” which denotes health, peace and purity. The millennium-old decorative…

  • History Who Knew?

    Lowcountry Boil Backstory

    Oyster boils, shrimp boils, lobster boils, a random distant cousin’s boil: You name it. I’ve attended it while vacationing along Georgia’s Southeastern coast. Now, a lowcountry boil is next level for…

  • History Who Knew?

    The Bowler’s Background

    The sovereign bowler hat is known for strength and durability. Dating back to the late 1840s, this popular English working-class crown of the Victorian Era is named after hat-makers Thomas and William…

  • Fashion & Beauty Who Knew?

    The Modern Derby Man

    Polka dots, animal prints, stars and stripes are how contemporary cowhands deck out for equine events like the Kentucky Derby. Yes, you heard me right. It’s not uncommon to see seersucker blazers…

  • Fashion & Beauty Who Knew?

    Proper Hat Positioning

    Yep! Placing a hat on your head takes mad Southern skills. Why? Because you want to retain your hat’s shape. Don’t hold the sides of the brim and pull the hat down. This…

  • Cowgirl Candace, Southern Styles & Steeds
    History Who Knew?

    Jumpsuits vs. Rompers

    Knowing the difference in jumpsuits and rompers is just a matter of length. Yes, both are connected top-and-bottom pieces; however, jumpsuits usually have longer pants and full sleeves like this country…