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Western Wear Tip

    Western Wear Tip

    Bronzer Backpacker

    Whenever Cowgirl Candace treks these Southern streets throughout the summertime, you best believe it’s lookin’ like a bronzed bombshell. No matter what country corner I turn, I want to stay runway ready. Yaaaasssssssss!

    Today’s tip: If you too want the facebeat fierceness, invest into bronzer that will give you a never-ending glow from day to night events.

    I highly recommend Makeover Essentials’ bronze shimmer powder brush. This sheer loose powder smoothly highlights cheekbones, your forehead, the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow. For added drama, use it to illuminate your collarbones with that low-cut little black dress or sundress you’ve been waiting to wear.


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    Plume Breeze

    I grew up on church, ceiling and flap-your-shirt-as-hard-as-you-can fans in the countryside. Whatever we farm folk have handy, we use it to generate some kind of cool breeze on hotter-than-hot days.…

  • Southern Styles & Steeds | Photo By Jerel of (
    Western Wear Tip

    Square Dancing in Durango

    My metal star embellished Dream Catcher Americana boots are instant eye-magnets worn over skinny jeans, leggings and stirrup pants. Avoid wearing these showy shoes with long skirts, which take away from…

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    Tiptop Toes

    Did you know a boot’s toe shape can range from extremely narrow to broad square toed? Surely can. Depending on the boot brand, these specific toe shapes vary in name, too.…

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    Southern Slay in Shawl-Collar Shirts

    Farm-girl fashion that hugs my small, natural waist and country-lovin’ hips are the Western way to go for Cowgirl Candace. My Vezucci denim spencer top paired with this black zippered pencil…

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    Concho Choker Change Up

    Repurposing old goods gives me new creative life. I don’t care if it’s tattered tops, worn boots or broken bolos, I can’t just trash ’em. Instead, I revive ’em. Today’s tip: Rework…

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    Off-Season Swimwear

    Let me let you in on a lil Southern something: You don’t have to reserve your favorite one-piece bathing suit for summer days only. I know this statement sounds farfetched, but…

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    Darling-Dressed Durangos

    Presentation is precious to Cowgirl Candace. Don’t just give me a bare-boned bestowal for Christmas (even though I will still take it). Give a gal some country confetti and riveting rhinestones.…

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    Holiday Tips for Beauty Budgeters

    The gift-grabbing clock is winding down, and you’re scrabbling to find those perfect fashion and beauty presents without breaking the bank. Stop. Take a breath. Let’s regroup and rethink how you…

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    Bronze Bronco

    Belt buckles tell a lot about a cowhand. My bronze-plated beauty shows nobility and humbleness as you see my trusty steed genuflecting. Above all, this classic name tag is a reminder…

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    Slim Pickings

    Cowgirls framed by big, beautiful legs but are still self-conscious: This country Western boot post is all you. Today’s tip: Invest in mid-calf boots to achieve a more slimmin’ effect. My…