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    Fashion & Beauty Spotlight

    Must-Have: Straw Hats

    One of the most sufficient sun blockers for my crown while small-town traveling is a good ol’, wide-brimmed straw hat. My Nine West number is lightweight and rather ravishing for my Southern standards. Another key reason this particular hat journeys with me throughout the South this time of year is its versatility. Cock it back, forward or to the side, and I can never go wrong with workin’ it.

  • History Spotlight

    Historic Districts

    Whether you’re staycationing in Georgia or vacationing in Cuba this year, it would behoove you to check out the area’s historic district. Knowing a district’s architectural beginnings deepens appreciation for the…

  • Spotlight Travel

    Porch Posin’

    Dollin’ up to vogue on a country porch is Cowgirl Candace’s idea of a fun photo shoot. I was practically raised on my great-grandma’s front porch, playing Barbie dolls and board…