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    Pop Culture Spotlight

    Brash Bridal Sandals

    Country Western Words Of Wisdom: If you’re going to have an outdoor, countryside wedding, wear fitting footwear — like really comfy footwear. Retiring my cowgirl boots for the day, I went with these $29.99 Brash and Kaveot Strappy Sandals from Payless. Yes, Payless. You heard me right. With adjustable ankle straps and super-soft padding, my 4-inch heels gave height and comfort as my daddy escorted me to my handsome husband.

  • Spotlight Travel

    Rose Hill

    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Rose Hill at Lockerly Arboretum in Milledgeville, Georgia, is this massive Greek Revival-style house. Classic and full of Southern charm, Rose Hill became…

  • Fashion & Beauty Spotlight

    Honeylove Glow

    A critical beauty component to pull off my flawless “Gone with the Wind” wedding look relied heavily on my chosen lip color. I wanted something subtle but kissable cute, especially since…

  • History Spotlight

    The Record Of The Ring

    Did you know: The intimacy of wedding rings dates back to ancient Egypt. Egyptians actually exchanged “rings of love” made of leather or reeds, which — like now — signify eternal…