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    Tia & Tamera Mowry: ‘Twintuition’

    Candace Dantes aka Cowgirl Candace | Southern Styles and Steeds

    Coming up in a family of farming intellects, reading wasn’t just fundamental. It was a natural way of creative life. To fuel that creativity, my parents and grandparents were adamant about taking my sibling and me to school book fairs to discover the latest and greatest in children’s literature. Now that I often live vicariously through my daughter, I recently took her to her first-ever book fair, and we both fell in love with TV twins and stars Tia and Tamera Mowry’s “Twintuition” series. I never got the maverick memo about this awesomeness, so this month, my little one and I’m catching up with the times by reading “Twintuition: Double Vision.” In a nutshell, the identical twins have moved from the big city to small-town Aura, Texas — the middle of nowhere — in this first book in the series. While there, the duo is going to discover they can see into the immediate future then work together to prevent something wild from happening.

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    Dorothy Dandridge Delightful

    Radiating vintage Hollywood this month, I wanted to commemorate Dorothy Dandridge’s famous character and timeless movie, “Carmen Jones,” by merging my rural regality with the late actress’ iconic fitted top and…

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    Brash Bridal Sandals

    Country Western Words Of Wisdom: If you’re going to have an outdoor, countryside wedding, wear fitting footwear — like really comfy footwear. Retiring my cowgirl boots for the day, I went…

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    My Brand Blogging Basket

    My writing career has taken a lot of interesting editorial twists and turns, especially when blogging became the new norm in media. With the change came the opportunity to connect on…

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    Necessities Of A Western Wanderer

    Newsflash: Cowgirl Candace cares about staying country cute, whether I’m simply traveling up the road or down the interstate. Hey! I never know who I might run into (fingers crossed it’s…

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    ‘Martini’ by Jean Droit

    French visual artist Jean Droit (1884-1961) built an unforgettable career as a water colorist and illustrator. And his vibrant “Martini” jockey vintage ad poster from 1948 is one of my most…

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    The Dish About Durango

    Not too familiar with Durango’s legacy in the country Western world? Well, thank goodness Cowgirl Candace likes hayfield-related history. The authentic Western footwear inspired by the Old West actually celebrated its…

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    Mickey Mania

    True Southern story: My siblings and I were diehard Sega Genesis players on the family farm throughout the ’90s. My brother was so genius with it he could literally figure out…

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    Lisa Cain Folk Art

    Self-taught rural painter Lisa Cain seizes the South using mixed media and earnest childhood memories. Born and raised in Canton, Mississppi, the now League City, Texas-based folk artist introduces art lovers…

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    Valentine Varnish

    Wanna really show me how much you adore Cowgirl Candace? Gift this Georgia peach with peachy, pink and pastel nail lacquer — any time. When my awesome Southern belle mama gifted…

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    Best Boot Buy

    Coupling country Western coats and jackets with cute cowgirl accessories is what I do. My brand-new coined-sized cowboy boot earrings from Flair Fashions traveled all the way from Richardson, Texas (Farm…

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    ‘Black Cowboys’

    Every chance I receive to collaborate with award-winning historian and fellow cowhand Michael Searles (a.k.a. Cowboy Mike), I take it. He has been one of my biggest digital media supporters in educating…

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    Four words when HBO’s original Western sci-fi series comes on: Shut the hell up. Cause “Westworld” is something serious to this Southern sista. It’s one of my top shows to tune into during the…

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    Hollywood Horses

    Horses have landed Hollywood roles since the mid-20th century. And their movie momentum hasn’t slowed down yet. These graceful giants are some of the most popular co-stars for Western, war and…

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    Junk Art

    A bicycle wheel, great-grandma’s frying pan and barbed wire can easily become farm home wall décor guests rave about. Junk art is exactly what I confiscate from antique stores across Georgia, which…