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Maverick Moment

    Maverick Moment

    Daddy’s Cowgirl

    If you’re blessed to have your father in your life like I am, your wedding day instantly becomes nostalgic memories as he escorts you down the aisle. My father is my hero — larger than life — because he has always been there for my mother, who he’s been married to for almost 40 years now, and his five children. He taught us all how to ride horses on the family farm, cultivate the land and value hard work. My fearless cowboy, indeed. The entire time he walked me from the Georgia-styled mansion to our wedding tent, we laughed about so many random things like we always do. Our bond is unbelievably country strong and what has prepared me to succeed in my editorial career and as a new wife and mom.

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    Alvin Ailey Astonishing

    Can we give my off-the-shoulder sheer cream dress from Goodwill a rural round of applause? Yaaaassssssss! Cowgirl Candace looks like I just finished gliding across the Southern stage of an Alvin…