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    Maverick Moment

    Katie & Cowgirl Candace

    Candace Dantes aka Cowgirl Candace | Southern Styles and Steeds

    Horses are brilliant creatures. Point blank. Period. Twelve-year-old quarter horse Katie proves my sentiments — and so have others from this breed I’ve had the pleasure of riding. During my recent equine photo shoot at Roosevelt Riding Stables in Pine Mountain, the sorrel-colored beauty adhered to photographer Suyhoon Cho’s every modeling direction in order for us to capture organic images that connected to my cowgirl upbringing. Katie and I naturally worked well together because of my horse-whispering background and childhood love for riding them. Other grounds for this docile darling’s greatness:

    • For one, they’re extremely athletic and flexible. Jumping, cutting, running, twisting and turning are their strong suits, especially in the rodeo arena;
    • For two, they’re sharp-witted. These fast learners pick up commands quickly;
    • For three, they’re gorgeous. Coming in 17 recognized American quarter horse colors — ranging from dun, bucksin and palomino to gray, bay and chestnut — these horses feature stunning coats in addition to well-built frames; and
    • For four, they’re tranquil. Even-tempered, quarter horses are rational, guarded animals constantly staying aware of their surroundings.
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