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  • History Who Knew?

    Spot On

    Buster was the childhood horse showing Cowgirl Candace (and anyone who rode him) daily doses of tough love. The leopard appaloosa was as stubborn as all get out, but relished trail…

  • History

    Horse Headquarters

    This month I headed to Flat Shoals to rendezvous with a few quarter horses. Flat Shoals is home to a large concentration of horses and owners. Like many of the Southern…

  • History Southern Sites

    Museum of Wonder

    Explore curiosities from around the globe at the Museum of Wonder. What’s inside? A bunch of weirdness — 19th-century portraits with bones outlining them, old images turned mythical paintings and a…

  • History

    Zipper Zeal

    Boots fashioned with zippers usually allow me to pull them on and off easier and quicker, which is a huge plus. These M.P.S. rustic booties I copped at Goodwill for $7…

  • Bands That Make Me Dance | Southern Styles & Steeds
    History Who Knew?

    Bands That Make Me Dance

    Anytime I come across cowboy boots with chains, tassels, spur straps or horse hair bands already attached, I go ballistic — in a good way. These ankle bands help modernize traditional…

  • History Who Knew?

    Lama Mama

    A legendary boot brand, indeed, Tony Lama remains a top choice in Cowgirl Candace’s family tree. But do you know the man behind this American cowhand shoemaking? No? Well, glad you asked. Lol. Born…

  • Rural Reporting | Southern Styles & Steeds

    Rural Reporting

    My decades’ worth of journalism experience has served as a significant resource for successfully publishing Southern Styles & Steeds. I love storytelling, and this month’s shoot location at The Goat Farm Arts…

  • Sister Locs | Southern Styles & Steeds

    Southern Sisterlocks

    Now, you’ve probably noticed that September’s “Maverick of the Month,” Cowgirl Doreen, is crowned with micro versions of Cowgirl Candace’s dreadlocks. For those mavericks unfamiliar with this lock loveliness, her majestic…

  • History Who Knew?

    Goats & Soaps

    Ever used goat soap? Me neither, but goat’s milk soap is said to do a body good (Ba-Boom-Boom-Tish!). Lol. Just so happens, my country Western vests photo shoot took place at…

  • History Southern Sites

    Ocmulgee National Monument

    I’ve shared my most modish picks of Native American accessories to trim country Western fashion during August. Make plans to extend knowledge about this skillful culture in Georgia by visiting one…

  • History

    The Butterfly Backstory

    Did you know these harlequin flutterers have a long-standing link to Native Americans? According to folklore, butterflies personify beauty in some groups, vanity in a few, and balance and good luck…

  • History

    American Indian Adornments

    Native American jewelry came into existence not purely for adornment but to designate social class. Their sophisticated silversmithing skills also moved from intertribal trade items to a more merchant-based society. With…

  • History Why This Look

    Country Cloaking in Caftan

    My Sultan-silky caftan is all the Southern craze on the farm and in these small-town streets. For one: Rural dwellers like ya girl Cowgirl Candace live for this look in loungewear…

  • Cowgirl Candace - Fourth of July - Southern Styles & Steeds

    Weight of Fourth of July Fireworks

    Childhood celebrations of Fourth of July involved a Southern family barbecue and everyone jumping in the car and heading to the local mall to ahh and ooh over the town’s fireworks…

  • Who Knew - Southern Styles & Steeds
    History Who Knew?

    Persian Pickles

    Persian pickles: The nickname for paisley shapes that resemble a curving kidney or teardrop. The well-used symbol mishmashed with floral and other types of monochromatic designs give vests (as pictured), bandanas,…

  • Souther Styles & Steeds | Shells Tale
    History Who Knew?

    The Shell’s Tale

    Indigenous people have been known for giving cultural value to clam shell beads, traditionally known as wampum. Wampum means “white shell beads,” which denotes health, peace and purity. The millennium-old decorative…