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    Decades of Farming in Durangos

    Candace Dantes aka Cowgirl Candace | Southern Styles and Steeds

    Ever since my wee country Western days, I’ve worn Durango boots. The style selections, cushiness and durability in the brand made my farm family Durango devotees. The footwear also stood the test of time on the land because I had a bad habit of not givin’ or throwin’ them away when I outgrew a few. Here’s how I repurposed them throughout the decades instead:

    • 0-10: As a Barbie doll car or boat, depending on my imaginative scene of the day;
    • 11-20: As a storage bin for fashion magazines, school supplies and horse tack; and
    • 21-30: As an accent piece — umbrella holder, flower pot or door stop — as part of my farm home décor.


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