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    Junk Art

    A bicycle wheel, great-grandma’s frying pan and barbed wire can easily become farm home wall décor guests rave about. Junk art is exactly what I confiscate from antique stores across Georgia, which is simply mess we give new meaning to.

    And I’m so guilty of it.

    Chateau de Candace as I call it is no more than a ragbag of equine, beach and cultural pieces I call home, but it’s hot. Trust me: Re-organize clutter sitting around your house into an art exhibit, and watch how everyone starts visiting more.


  • Farm Furnishings Pop Culture

    Farmhouse Hammocks

    A popular farm fashion piece to strap between sturdy pine or pecan trees is the hammock. Outdoor sleepers like myself can catch the sweetest of naps in this comfy swinging cocoon, especially…

  • Farm Furnishings Pop Culture

    Sho Sho Esquiro

    Painter Sho Sho Esquiro has matured a novel relationship between modern urban culture and traditional indigenous textiles. Designing original artwork for wreathe and wear, Esquiro’s “Bear Bull, Blackfoot Confederacy” painting is my…