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    Rural Wedding Synchronizing

    Pulling off a rural, regal wedding on a budget required much brainstorming on this bride’s and her groom’s part. Our goal: Save. Save. Save. We knew after the nuptials we wanted a new home and our honeymoon covered debt-free. However, we still wanted to create something enchanting and memorable for both our families. In order to achieve that, we jotted down our ceremony necessities below and cut costs like it wasn’t anyone’s business:

    • Men’s Wearhouse tuxedos and shoes: $280;
    • Bisou Bisou wedding dress: $53;
    • Payless Brash strap shoes: $30;
    • Lockerly Aboretum wedding venue: $600;
    • Wedding tent: $400;
    • Wedding chairs, tables, clothes and silverware: $300;
    • Photographer: $500
    • DJ: $500;
    • Homemade wedding cake: $100;
    • Caribbean cuisine: Free (’cause my husband’s family is the bomb); and
    • Flowers: Priceless (the gardens and greenery naturally decorated the site).

    Farm Family Fundraising: For additional wedding bells and whistles, commission family members and friends — the most reliable ones — to help out with decorations and other logistics. You wouldn’t believe all the support we had to make certain arrangements and save in areas most people spend an arm and leg on.

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