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    Editor's Note

    October Letter from the Editor: Wayward Wonderment

    I’m a cowgirl of many creative thoughts. Always have been. Equine exploration throughout my childhood transpired beyond the mind and barn doors. Because my siblings and I were avid readers and rural adventurers, we believed we were everything — and still do.

    Then: A gunslinger. A gladiator. A video gamer. If we imagined it, we recreated it.

    Now: I know I’m definitely a unicorn, conquering an award-winning, global-reaching writing career while small-town championing wife life and motherhood.

    For farm girl fun during October, I wanted to revisit a few of my most darling Southern styles I often conjure up and live out just to say I tried it at least once on rural fashion and beauty fronts.

    — Ride on!

  • Pop Culture Spotlight

    Dorothy Dandridge Delightful

    Radiating vintage Hollywood this month, I wanted to commemorate Dorothy Dandridge’s famous character and timeless movie, “Carmen Jones,” by merging my rural regality with the late actress’ iconic fitted top and…

  • Fashion & Beauty Spotlight

    Soulfully Adorned

    Florida-based jewelry designer Jennifer DeLuca is a modern-day farm girl’s BFF in the country Western fashion and beauty world. She designs some of the most ostentatious longhorn necklaces to embellish simple…

  • Fashion & Beauty

    Fall Hues & Hats

    Georgia’s foliage now blankets our family farm with bold golds, burnt oranges, wild reds and spruced greens. As you can see, I’ve made the color adjustments with the country Western wardrobe…

  • Fashion & Beauty

    Rural Rosebud

    My St. Lucian-born husband is such a romantic. And because we’re newlyweds, I’ve just gone rosebud bonkers. Lol. Sad but true. Roses have long symbolized love and passion. Each color carries…

  • Spotlight Travel

    The Columbus Museum

    One of the largest museums in the Southeast, The Columbus Museum houses both American and regional history through temporary exhibitions to permanent collections. The 1912-built Mediterranean Revival house opened to the…

  • Getty Up Gear

    Flower Child Cosmetics

    My beauty bag bring-along to amplify my light-brown eyes and harmonize with fall-deserving floral crowns this month is Maybelline’s Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner ($9.99). The waterproof, oil-free formula helps to…

  • Who Knew?

    Bell Girl Gorg

    I welcome a little role playing, and with all the characters who come out at night in October, it’s a practical month to act out a bit. So when I stumbled…

  • Getty Up Gear

    Corduroy Cushion

    Say what you will or may, but Cowgirl Candace is a forever fan of corduroy — in season or not. To some it’s an outdated fabric. For me, it’s refined farm…

  • Western Wear Tip

    Buns & Bands

    Traditionally, I part my locs down the middle, let them naturally flow and slap a headband on for weekend hippie hotness. That gets hairstyling stale after awhile and limits this accessory’s…

  • History Spotlight

    Chattahoochee’s Country Chronicles

    Country Western wandering throughout Georgia is one of my primary pastimes. The more history I learn about local communities, the more I appreciate the land and my rural roots. Pit stopping…