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Atlanta-based Southern songstress Andrea Nicole approached her modern R&B behavior with a little farm-life flair to jump off the new year. This month’s maverick gave our Western coats and jackets edition some vocal variety for sure. Here’s her take on joining Southern Styles & Steeds’ roster of cool and collective country folk:

Cowgirl Candace (CC): What has been the most rewarding part about growing up in the South?

Andrea Nicole (AN): Well, I’m definitely a country girl at heart. Growing up in the South was everything and peaceful. I remember going to grandma’s house, helping her in the garden, sitting on the front porch shelling peas, going to the chicken coop to feed the chickens, getting fresh eggs and playing all day with my cousins.

CC: I can definitely relate. Now, most of my readers may not know that you pack a powerful voice. Tell us more about your music and what makes you unique as a Southern-based singer?

AN: I began performing as a young girl in our church choir, community choir, school talent shows and other events. I also became part of a traveling gospel choir in my early 20s, sharing the stage with prominent gospel artists like Mary Mary, Kiki Sheard, Vicki Yohe and Dotti Peoples. I’ve had several appearances on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show and The Gospel Super Fests. Fast-forwarding, I released my first single and official music video titled “Miss My Baby” in July 2014. I will release a second single titled “Last Time” in the next couple of months.

CC: Please keep me posted because you’re a true talent. So, what made our Western coats and jackets photo shoot a unique experience for you as an artist?

AN: Although I love and enjoy making music, I also enjoy modeling. I love fashion — period. Your type of fashion has really taken me outside the box. Southern Styles & Steeds has introduced me to another side of fashion, and I love it. I felt sexy and stylish during this shoot.

CC: Nice! Love to hear this type of feedback. Tell me: What was your favorite piece to model during the shoot?

AN: The Members Only jacket, of course. It was very sporty. That jacket is definitely something you would find in my closet.

CC: I know. You country killed it in that piece. That said, what’s the one country style you could see yourself sporting more of this year?

AN: Hats. I normally don’t wear hats, but I was feeling myself in the hat I modeled in this shoot. Which brings me to the fact that I encourage everyone to read your blogazine. It’s an outlet for other cultures to learn and understand how we do it in the South. We have style and are fashionable down here, too.

CC: Well said! I look forward to more country collaborations with you soon. And don’t forget to visit for more about Andrea Nicole.

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