Maverick Moment

Alvin Ailey Astonishing

Can we give my off-the-shoulder sheer cream dress from Goodwill a rural round of applause? Yaaaassssssss!

Cowgirl Candace looks like I just finished gliding across the Southern stage of an Alvin Ailey “Wade in the Water” performance. If you’ve never experienced one of these international performances, shame on you. The dancing is dynamic; the fashion is phenomenal.

Quick small-town story: My introduction to this American black modern dance company happened during high school (so early 2000s) in my hometown of Milledgeville, Georgia. Alvin Ailey’s critically acclaimed junior company would travel from New York and showcase the talents of its best young dancers at Georgia College. My Grandma Frankie would drive my siblings and me downtown to the spring university event. The athleticism, organic dance moves and free-flowing, ruffled wardrobe of the dancers would take my backwoods breath away — and still does.

The late Alvin Ailey started the company in 1958. To this day, the global dance troupe travels on what the dancer, choreographer and visionary called “the station wagon tours,” sharing African-American culture as part of American modern dance heritage.

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