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6 logics to quarter horse investing

Designated North America’s most popular breed, the American quarter horse is favored for its versatility.

These steeds work and play well, getting the job done in the labor sector to the show horse circuit.

Plus, quarter horses make incredible options for family horseback riding excursions.

So if you’re in the horse buying market, the following cool factors about these sharp-witted creatures should have you sold:

  • They typically engage in open range and cattle work, which is ideal for the business farmer;
  • They’re athletic, earning their moniker from running quarter mile races by settlers to today’s cutting, penning, reining and barrel racing rodeo events;
  • They’re blanketed by a range of beautifully colored coats — from various buckskin, dun, grullo and palomino shades;
  • They carry an impressive bloodline mixture, including Spanish, English, Arabian bred horses;
  • They’re surefooted, quick and provide a comfy seat for trail rides, parades and other horseback adventures; and
  • They’re gentle, calm and docile for beginner to advanced riders to experience their awesomeness.






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