5 Southern Hospitality Jobs to Chew Over This Fall

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Visiting the South guarantees a red carpet rollout of delicious dishes, friendly faces and a slower pace of living — with peace of mind at that. Whenever I’m traveling to and from urban to rural settings for stories, I’m forever impressed with the 4.0 customer service of local bed and breakfast establishments like my hometown’s Antebellum Inn in Milledgeville to Four Seasons in Atlanta for editorial events. Honestly, I have never worked in the hospitality industry, but from the following professions listed on Georgia’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s a field with flexibility to elevate:

  • Lodging managers | median pay: $51,840
  • Chefs, head cooks | median pay: $43,180
  • Food service managers | median pay: $50,820
  • Event planners | median pay: $47,350
  • First-line supervisors of production | median pay: $57,780
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