3 Down-And-Derby Fit Tips

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Now, let’s get something straight: This backwoods body you’re eyeing right now takes a lot of dedication and determination to achieve rural results. OKKKKK? Lol. I know firsthand the struggles of working out and staying consistent.

Thankfully, I loved outdoor sports as a kid, which has given me enough starting points to keep my figure looking fabulous to this day. And since I adore you mavericks so much, here are a few fitness tips to get into wellness rotation. You’re welcome:

  • Cut carbs — right now. Yes: In the South, we love grandma’s, mama’s, auntie’s and everybody else’s buttermilk biscuits. As you begin your workout journey, start substituting items like white bread, sugar, desserts and soda with veggies, fruits and plenty of water;
  • Concentrate on problem areas. There are so many YouTube videos available to guide you for the best at-home or outdoor workouts that target specific body parts. Therefore, research, research, research. Then, put in the necessary work weekly to garner outcomes over time; and
  • Count in rest and relaxation. Go hard on your customized workouts, but make sure you also carve out adequate sleep and personal time to either meditate or pacify yourself as a form of rejuvenation.
Cowgirl Candace

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