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    Editor's Note

    June Letter from the Editor: Small-Town Staycations

    Let’s get real: Not everyone has the funds or resources to just pack up and go on a getaway during the summer months, but we all can imagine, right?

    Well, sometimes the coolest places to visit are honestly in our vicinity. Therefore, I’m dedicating June to traveling in our own backyards. Yep! We’re “staycationing” — local vacationing and using our creativity to take us places we’ve never been before.

    And if you have kids, what better way to save on country cash money than exploring nationally known museums, amusement parks and outdoor excursions that provide fun, educational outlets within your neighborhood? This month I’m going to show you what to backpack while navigating your surrounding countryside and community in pure Southern style.

    — Ride on!

  • Fashion & Beauty Spotlight

    Must-Have: Straw Hats

    One of the most sufficient sun blockers for my crown while small-town traveling is a good ol’, wide-brimmed straw hat. My Nine West number is lightweight and rather ravishing for my…

  • History Spotlight

    Historic Districts

    Whether you’re staycationing in Georgia or vacationing in Cuba this year, it would behoove you to check out the area’s historic district. Knowing a district’s architectural beginnings deepens appreciation for the…

  • Spotlight Travel

    Porch Posin’

    Dollin’ up to vogue on a country porch is Cowgirl Candace’s idea of a fun photo shoot. I was practically raised on my great-grandma’s front porch, playing Barbie dolls and board…

  • Why This Look

    Summer Shoulder Action

    Touring downtown destinations or taking village-like voyages this summer? Consider off-the-shoulder tops like this mint green H&M blouse to complement such leisurely outings. Why, you ask? Well, because I said so.…

  • Getty Up Gear

    Magical Music, Meals

    Picnicking in the park with family this summer is such a memorable moment to create. Raised on a farm, my parents, siblings and I would actually pack lunch and set up…

  • Travel

    Power of CVB Planning

    On a traveling budget and not quite sure how to plan a staycation? Head down to your local Convention and Visitors Bureau to help you organize an entertaining time on the…

  • Fashion & Beauty

    Rural Recreational Robes

    Out-and-about outfits don’t have to come off so humdrum. If attending a local festival or concert with friends is on your staycation agenda this year, wow with my always-fly-and-fabulous, go-to pieces:…

  • Who Knew?

    Canon Cowgirl

    I started experimenting with photography in high school with my Canon A-1 that my great uncle gave me. He knew I aspired to become a photojournalist, so I kept my camera…

  • Getty Up Gear

    Jessica Simpson Bag Swag

    I’m sorry: Some of y’all have been sleepin’ on my girl Jessica Simpson. Whenever I’m strutting with my chocolate brown satchel around Small Town USA, my Southern sistas instantly go into…

  • Why This Look

    Hometown Tourist

    Sheer blouses and heavy layers of grandma-worthy pearls help shape my Southern belle staycationer style to shop with the gals or dine with my Caribbean cowboy. This summer is about remaining…

  • Western Wear Tip

    Bronzer Backpacker

    Whenever Cowgirl Candace treks these Southern streets throughout the summertime, you best believe it’s lookin’ like a bronzed bombshell. No matter what country corner I turn, I want to stay runway…

  • Togs for Today

    DKNY Doin’ It

    I’ve told y’all once, and I will say it again: Goodwill is Cowgirl Candace’s go-to spot to find some of the coolest country-living keepsakes. Case in point: my DKNY cream linen blazer.…