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    Editor's Note

    September Letter from the Editor: My Country-Caribbean Wedding

    Attention y’all: Cowgirl Candace is officially off the market. Well, I have been for some time now, but this summer when I said “I do,” that was a country Western wrap.

    Now, I know my mavericks want the who, what, where, why, when and how about my rural relationship. So guess what? Throughout September, I’m dishing on what led us down the Southern-meets-Soca aisle of love.

    As a bonus, I’m tipping you on our effective wedding plan to ball out on a backwoods budget and still have funds to honeymoon. My husband has stolen my country-lovin’ heart, and what better way to document our authentic union than on Southern Styles & Steeds?

    — Ride on!

  • Why This Look

    Black Southern Sophistication

    I’m an unconventional, carefree-kind-of cowgirl. So you can forget that bridezilla mentality to wedding planning. All I required from my immediate family was to arrive in their Sunday best nudes or…

  • Maverick Moment

    Daddy’s Cowgirl

    If you’re blessed to have your father in your life like I am, your wedding day instantly becomes nostalgic memories as he escorts you down the aisle. My father is my…

  • Fashion & Beauty

    Country-Caribbean Kisses

    The beauty about my husband, Kevin: He’s in love with life and loving me unconditionally. My St. Lucian Superman can’t get enough of me. No, for real. He enjoys kissing me,…

  • Country Careers

    Rural Wedding Synchronizing

    Pulling off a rural, regal wedding on a budget required much brainstorming on this bride’s and her groom’s part. Our goal: Save. Save. Save. We knew after the nuptials we wanted…

  • Western Wear Tip

    Leisurely Newlywed Locs

    Brides automatically create laundry lists of beauty demands before the big day, but I chose to keep it no-pressure cooker cute, especially for the hair. I knew exactly what I wanted,…

  • Togs for Today

    5 Timeless Wedding Parlors

    I had a difficult time narrowing down my final wedding dress selections because during my wedding dress hunt, I came across so many vintage to modern-day options. When things get too…

  • Pop Culture Spotlight

    Brash Bridal Sandals

    Country Western Words Of Wisdom: If you’re going to have an outdoor, countryside wedding, wear fitting footwear — like really comfy footwear. Retiring my cowgirl boots for the day, I went…

  • Spotlight Travel

    Rose Hill

    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Rose Hill at Lockerly Arboretum in Milledgeville, Georgia, is this massive Greek Revival-style house. Classic and full of Southern charm, Rose Hill became…

  • Fashion & Beauty Spotlight

    Honeylove Glow

    A critical beauty component to pull off my flawless “Gone with the Wind” wedding look relied heavily on my chosen lip color. I wanted something subtle but kissable cute, especially since…

  • History Spotlight

    The Record Of The Ring

    Did you know: The intimacy of wedding rings dates back to ancient Egypt. Egyptians actually exchanged “rings of love” made of leather or reeds, which — like now — signify eternal…

  • Who Knew?

    Country Celebratory Cuteness

    My husband, Kevin, and I have mini versions of ourselves, who mimic our fun-loving personalities to a tee. His son, Zay, served as the most dapper ring bearer and my daughter,…

  • Getty Up Gear

    DIY Wedding Bouquets

    A simple trip to Hobby Lobby is all it took to make my own wedding bouquets. My DIY process was pretty straightforward to execute and save money: First, pluck a hodgepodge…

  • Why This Look

    Beauty Pick: Urban Decay

    In the facebeat department, the smartest way to combat Georgia’s humidity for outdoor wedding ceremonies is guaranteed with Urban Decay’s All-Nighter Liquid Foundation and Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray. The combo…